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Living in the Land of Smiles during a Pandemic

September 6, 2021

The Green Lion

By Adrian Westphal, Germany

Sanuk, Sabai, stay-you can‘t avoid these terms during a stay in Thailand. Paired with the openness and warmth that characterize the culture, these terms describe the lifestyle of the “Land of Smiles” very well.

My name is Adrian, I’m 23 and from Germany. I came to Thailand last year in February for the first time and my first destination was the beach town Hua Hin, where I came as a participant in teaching English in primary school. Originally I was only supposed to stay for 1 month but due to the Covid crisis, I decided to stay. After the first lockdown ended, I continued teaching from July to October.

In November I traveled up to the North for a few weeks. My first stop was Bangkok, where I met a few friends. From there I went to visit the ancient capitals of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai with their countless temple ruins. I can recommend everyone to check out these cities. You will get completely new insights into the cultural history of the country.

After a few days in Chiang Mai over Loy Krathong, I reached my final destination Pai, which became a few weeks later my new home for 5 months. Pai is a small mountain village close to Myanmar. Its mellow-hippie vibe makes it a very unique place. I volunteered here at the animal rescue “Pete’s Mission”, which mostly rescues and rehabilitates injured dogs until their adoption.

Since June I am now back in Hua Hin, where I participated at an organic farm named “Pranporpiang”. I grow vegetables and mix organic insect repellent made of special soil. During my stay in this beautiful country, I made a lot of friends, locals as well as farangs from all over the world, and I was able to gain a lot of experience.

My special thanks go to P’A and Patrick, who let me stay at their amazing resort in Hua Hin!

The Green Lion

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