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Who we are

Founded in 1998 in Thailand under the name Greenway, we have become trend setters in developing exciting and meaningful travel programs according to a principle we call XCeLLeC. In 2005 our name changed to THE GREEN LION to keep up with our expansion. Even though by now we are running programs on multiple continents, our organization is family-run with dedication and passion.


EXperience local Culture through immersion and meeting people, Learn about yourself and others and gain more skills, have some fun during Leisure time and offer something in return through Community Engagement.

Where we are

Having started over a decade ago, we have grown from a small organization into offering programs in over 30 countries spread throughout Asia, Africa, South America, Central America and Oceania. Click here to find out where!

What we do

Our programs are owned and managed by us. We offer you the opportunity to participate in anything ranging from programs in education and community support and development, to adventure and leisure travel, to wildlife and environmental conservation.

We are not passive spectators but encourage a ‘get your hands dirty’ approach. Our programs are not photo ops but require being actively involved. We believe in putting in more than we can get out, however general consensus from participants always speak of being enriched beyond expectations along with numerous testimonies of life changing experiences.

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