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March 2, 2023

The Green Lion

Alessia’s Story

I had an amazing time here in Tigman Village, Aborlan, Palawan, Philippines, joining the Construction and Renovation Program for five (5) weeks. Everyone has been so welcoming since my arrival until the day I had to leave the program and said goodbye to them.

The place is quite peaceful and paradise-like where you can meditate, relax, chill, and have a great time along with other participants. Similarly, the camp is located near the shorelines and experienced the beach every single day, where we go swimming, jogging, dancing with the winds, and watching the sun rise and sunset. I had also a great time as I was able to experience most of the activities held and celebrated during the village festival celebration that includes Basketball leagues, Zumba dance competitions, Philippines folk dances competition, and many more.

The local staff here are very helpful and friendly. In fact, they are always there for me when I have left alone at the camp because my fellow participants get some weekend getaways and let us celebrate New Year’s Day as if we are family members. They also welcomed my parents during their visits to the camp. For that, I am very much grateful and thankful to them.

The current activity in my program is the construction of a new painted and landscaped flower box at Tigman Elementary School located at Tigman Village, Aborlan, Palawan. This project aims to provide a conducive and positive learning atmosphere, greener surroundings, and a scenic physical environment that will contribute to the children’s social, physical, and mental development while learning at school. Moreso, beautiful physical surrounding has a huge impact on how well the children learn and give outstanding performances in various learning areas. Luckily, through the collaborative efforts of the various sets of participants I’ve worked with, Jordi and Tanika, and of course Rodel, the local coordinator, another milestone was unveiled as we completed the constructed, landscaped, and painted flower box. We were also able to paint the school canteen which gave me an amazing learning experience and fulfillment.

All in all, the program gave me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with other participants from all corners of the world as well as the local residents, the team, and most especially with children at school. I really enjoyed the program and learned a lot from it and I am very proud and delighted to be part of this meaningful community construction endeavor. Similarly, it gives me a fulfilling and meaningful travel experience that I will not forget even when I came back home. 

In fact, the Philippines felt a bit of ease now that the COVID-19 infection rates were very low and there are so many opportunities and accomplishments awaiting. Schools were opened and the children enjoyed going to school. I’ve played with the children too during my spare time, freely and safely inside the school premises which is similarly hailed as one of the highlights of my travel program. Truly, there’s always a rainbow after the rain as everything is coming back to normal and educational sectors filled their place in the economy. Finally, I highly recommended this program for anyone interested in helping the school and the village and experiencing the Philippines like your own home and it really felt like home.

Thank you!

The Green Lion

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