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    The Green Lion is the first choice for meaningful and eco-friendly travel around the world. We are pioneers in eco-tourism and create fun, adventurous and community-centric programs which focus on enhancing your travel experience without compromising our eco-system or adversely affecting the lives of the communities and animal and plant habitats which are dependant on it.

    Through the years our strong emphasis on investing in lives and social development has enabled us to become leaders in our field. The immense work we have done at grass-roots level has helped us become an integral part of the various communities and agencies we support and collaborate with. Our environmental and conservation efforts are not just regular tourist programs, but place a strong emphasis on protection, rehabilitation and creating workable long-term solutions. Our work involves knowledge sharing and educating local communities dependant on these eco-systems through which we ensure peaceful and sustainable co-habitation.

    We are perfectly suited for individual travellers. Our programs support them in getting to know each other and maybe even developing lifelong friendships. Our flexible and modular programs fit all needs; for as short as a single week or as long as a year. Your participants are interested in exploring more than one country? Go ahead! We encourage that!

    Whether you are looking to arrange a volunteering or adventure trip for participants, we have experience of tailor-made programs between 3 and 40 people. In dialogue we aim to provide you a program that meets your wishes.

    The great things about working in groups is the amount of work that can be accomplished in a small space of time and the benefit of sharing this with your fellow group members. Often we find schools, clubs or entire employee departments, participating in the implementation of their chosen project. Community construction-projects such as school facilities, can be tied in with teaching, provision of medical equipment can be supported by working in local hospitals. We provide a wide range of possibilities due to our experience and our broad scope of programs. Together with you, we will shape your group travel that meets your demands.

       Note:   We do not handle direct enrollment. If you are an individual traveller and would like to join one of our programs, please contact us here so we can point you to one of our partners in your country.

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