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Celebrating Independence Day in India

August 22, 2019

The Green Lion

When you are in a country like India, celebrations are plenty. India, the land of diverse religions, cultures & communities, has something happening all the time and we are the happiest people to celebrate it.

But there is no celebration as vibrant and joyous as the Independence Day which is celebrated every year on the 15th August. It is a national holiday in India commemorating the nation’s independence from the United Kingdom on 15 August 1947.

We all have our vivid memories of the Independence Day celebrations from school when we had to start preparing for this day at least a month before. Every day we had to practice marching in unison as a class. Those who are artistically inclined were chosen to perform patriotic songs and dances at the ceremony.

In 2019, we are glad to see that nothing much has changed. The fervour, the enthusiasm and the energy of students in schools and colleges amplify in the month of August. Skipping classes to attend practices is a part of their happiness. But they are overexcited in preparing themselves for the performances too. The spirit of patriotism comes alive with the hoisting of the tri-coloured National Flag, followed by the singing of the National Anthem.

The Green Lion India is closely associated with the schools that we support in Goa and Rajasthan. At the celebration of the 73rd Independence Day of India, our International participants were invited as Guests of Honor for the celebrations taking place at our partner schools. Amidst heavy rainfall, the children came from far and near to attend this special day. A brief history of India’s freedom struggle was narrated by the Principal. Then The Green Lion participants witnessed a cultural program and joined for high tea with the staff and students after the celebration.

To continue with the spirit of celebrations, a special tri-coloured cake (based on the Orange-White-Green of the Indian Flag) was prepared back at our Centres which the participants gladly helped to make. The food prepared with so much love turned out to be delicious.

The Green Lion

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