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Drawing and Painting workshops in Cape Verde

May 3, 2024

The Green Lion

As part of Education through Art, The Green Lion organized drawing and painting workshops for kindergarten children at various government kindergarten schools in the surrounding villages of Tarrafal.

The two-week project was initiated to bring volunteers and local communities together and to contribute to their creative side. This project provided an opportunity for local children living in the village of “Chom Bom” to interact with volunteers from different countries.

The Education through Art project was undertaken in six different schools in Chom Bom village. The project aimed to encourage children not only in Tarrafal but also in neighboring villages to unleash their creativity and, in a way, bring happiness and knowledge to all while bridging any community divides.

Various painting and drawing activities were included, such as learning the English names of colors, painting on various mediums, drawing plants and their surroundings, and coloring them. The project served as encouragement for children to learn about their environment and the ecosystem they share every day.

This special project was conducted in association with the education department of Tarrafal, and we look forward to spreading our wings to other villages to encourage Education through Art projects.

The Green Lion

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