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Good news in Months | Reopening Cape Verde

June 15, 2021

The Green Lion

June was an exciting month for The Green Lion team in Cape Verde. As soon as the travel restrictions were relaxed in Cape Verde, the people living on the islands were the happiest as it was a new dawn for the tourism-stricken islands. The Green Lion resumed its operations and brought cheer amongst the local communities because it was an opportunity to meet the world and share their culture and happiness!

We received our first eager participants on our popular kindergarten teaching program. The participants and the kids were excited to meet and greet one another. The participants immersed themselves in the projects and enthusiastically participated in the orientation day where they got to learn the local language, understand the culture. They also visited museums to know more about the Cape Verdean history on the island of Santiago.

In the first week, our participants familiarized themselves with the community and the kindergarten kids and started assisting the teacher at the school with teaching colors, shapes, numbers, and alphabet rhymes. They soon got into the groove and made plans for an exciting week ahead for a great time together with the children in the weeks to come.

The Green Lion invites participants and looks forward to welcoming participants to come and experience the Islands’ sun, sand, beaches, culture, nature, and no stress.

The Green Lion

We hope you enjoy reading about the experiences of other travelers. If you are travelling with us right now and have a great story to share, please reach out to us :)

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