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Keyne Chad in Japan

May 6, 2024

The Green Lion

Thank you Koshiro, Aska, and Itsuo. We are so glad to have stayed here in Otaki Village! It’s hard to choose one favorite moment because we have so many to choose from!

Our first day was full of sightseeing. We enjoyed walking to Otaki Shrine and Shinatano Falls, it was a great first introduction to Otaki Village. We’re so grateful we also got to see the beautiful Sanura blossoms at Takato Castle Ruins Park. Wow! What a full day!

Every direction was a testimony of Nagano’s natural beauty and rich history. We feel like we came here at a very lucky time” of year. We were able to view the sakura blossoms, enjoy the Sake Festival, held at the restaurant for most of the golden week, and have beautiful weather for exploring Naka sendo. Aska, Koshiro, and the entire Green Lion team have been so wonderful, we feel honored to have been able to spend time with them. From the moment we arrived, we have felt welcomed & cared for,

Aska, you are an amazing cook, every meal here has been delicious! We especially loved your wild vegetable tempura and miso soup. You have been so kind, gentle, and generous (even when we were sick!) and we thank you for taking such good care of us.
Koshiro, you have been a wonderful coordinator. Thank you for planning so many fun activities and introducing us to everyone we have met in Otaki. Your effort and support made us feel truly welcome. It’s been inspiring to spend time with this community and experience your way of life.

Itsuo, thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge of Aizome! Of all our souviners, what we made together will be our favorite keepsake from Japan. A special thank you to Taro, Sayuri, and Hanako! We so appreciate all of your support and your help translating. We shared a lot of laughs! Our experience here wouldn’t have been the same without you!

Out of all of our amazing experiences, we will treasure the dinner parties with our Tsunehachi family the most. Sharing Stories, cooking and laughing together are memories that we will keep in our hearts forever.

Thank you for showing us your way of living! We wish you success with all your efforts in supporting Otaki village. But most of all, we wish for your happiness. Thank you for being our family here in Otaki Village. Because of you guys this trip has been everything we dreamed of and so many much more.

We will never forget you all and we would be so glad to see you again

The Green Lion

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