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Making the Earth Greener

October 1, 2019

The Green Lion

We believe that small acts of kindness can make significant differences in the world. We talk a lot about saving the planet and protecting the green, yet not everyone takes action and does something about it. We love our planet and we believe it is our moral duty to look after it. So why not we start acting on it from our own compounds. This September, we successfully completed a tree-planting program with our participants at our Kathmandu Centre.

The Green Lion Nepal launched this extensive tree plantation program on the occasion of the World Peace Day in our locality in Kathmandu. Along with TGL Nepal Team, local people, local community representatives and our TGL participants joined hands in making this event a reality. The plants were donated by the local municipality and the program was coordinated by our country manager Mr Rajesh Shrestha.

It was an exciting day and our participants were enthusiastic to make the event a big success. It was a Saturday morning and around 0800 am the plantation program started. Everyone gathered with tools like “khukuri, Shovel, Sickle and Kodalo”. We started with cleaning the area selected for the plantation. The area was steep, so we designated the plants, according to the area and their size.

All the participants were super excited to make their hands dirty for a cause worthwhile. During the plantation program, all the participants were actively engaged. Some were carrying the plants, some were digging holes for the plants, some were carrying water, others were making bamboo fences for the protection of the plants.

We planted Sallo, Pipal, Banana, Avocado, Guava and other plants. We received about 200 plants from the local municipality and in this session, we planted 75 of them in our neighbourhood.

Local people served tea for everyone who was tired after all the physical work and we appreciated everyone’s support in this event. It was a moment to remember for our international participants. The locals were thankful for our effort and happily agreed to look after the trees and water the plants regularly.

We believe we do not need to wait for others to take action. If everyone is doing their part, this world will be a far better place for all beings.

The Green Lion

We hope you enjoy reading about the experiences of other travelers. If you are travelling with us right now and have a great story to share, please reach out to us :)

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