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Our experience in Esparza was amazing! | Selma and Nicole in Costa Rica

June 30, 2021

The Green Lion

By Selma and Nicole

The time we experienced here in Esparza was amazing!

During the week we (Selma, Nicole, and Andy, the project coordinator) replaced the entire roof of a Costa Rican woman who lives in a rather poor part of Esparza. We never did such kind of work, so it was really interesting and educational, how it’s done here in Costa Rica. We learned about construction work and methods of renewing a roof and felt very valued and helpful:) Due to the work, we got in contact with a real ‚Tica’ and we saw how she lives and what the equalities and differences are here in Costa Rica.

At the weekend we decided to go to Monteverde, a really beautiful place in the green mountains, but in relation to the rest of Costa Rica rather cold. Andy drove us to the bus station in Puntarenas and from there it was only a one-bus trip to Monteverde. The bus ride through the beautiful landscape was curvy but very adventurous:)

Andy and his family are so charming and helpful in every situation, no matter what kind of questions or problems we had. And by the way, Andy’s food was so delicious!

The Green Lion

We hope you enjoy reading about the experiences of other travelers. If you are travelling with us right now and have a great story to share, please reach out to us :)

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