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Simple Guide: How To Enjoy Khai Bang Rachan Festival

March 12, 2019

The Green Lion

– article written by Arauca Lozito

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With so many things happening at the same time during the festival of Khai Bang Rachan Heroes it is normal for you to worry about what to do first, but do not panic, with this guide you will make your decisions way much easier. In order to enjoy this fair it is better to think of what you want to do based on your interests and how much time you have in your hands.

If you are visiting the place during the 3 days the festival is taking place there will be no problem if you pick a couple of activities per day, but if on the other hand your time is limited, it is better to pick your favorites and go hopping from place to place. Something you have to write down is the hours both sides will be on: the museum’s side will work from 3pm until 9pm while the temple will start at the same time and keep going until midnight.


If eating is your thing, you definitely have to go to the temple side; there you will find all kinds of foods and drinks. Things like bugs with sauce or cold milkshakes green tea flavored are some of the wide variety of foods you will find to have a taste. Prices are really low so you better be careful with how much money you end up spending. These food stalls are open all night so you can take a look whenever you want, no need to rush!


In case you are a bit tired and you just want to sit and enjoy a show you have the option to watch two different theater plays in two different places. You could pay 300 baht for a table you can share with 8 to 10 people and enjoy the show starting at 6pm. They present traditional Thai dances and the story that took the Bang Rachan heroes to fight against the Burmese in order to protect their lands. Staff will bring food to your table while enjoying everything close to the stage. If it is a little bit off your budget you can also sit a behind and watch for free, obviously, without the food service.

Your second option is completely for free but you will have to cross the street into the Khai Bang Rachan Museum side. On the left side of the monument there will be a small aquatic show with special effects starting at 7pm. If your ears are a bit sensitive, take note to stay a little bit behind since the sound of fireworks exploding might hurt your ears. It will end in less than an hour so it will give you enough time to walk to the other side of the monument and watch the play. You can enjoy both plays since this one starts at 8pm and it has more seats. Maximize your fun and watch both! During the three nights of the festival there will be a small firework show so you better stay there until 9pm.

There is also a parade that will walk on the afternoon of the first day where the six districts of Singburi will stand in front of the provincial governors and perform while representing their villages. Happening on the Museum’s side at 6pm, cowboys or warriors, they all catch the eyes of the spectators who gathered there to see the show.

If you are not a fan of animals being used to fascinate the public, it is better for you to skip some parts of the plays and parades. Elephants specially trained as human entertainment can be seen everywhere, either tied waiting for them to be used or walking around showing off some tricks so the audience can take pictures of them. Personally, I thought the use of elephants was a story from the past, but they are still seen as a fun thing to watch.


Over the temple side there is a wide variety of games you can play and win lots of prizes. Throw a ball, shoot with air guns, explode balloons, fish eggs with numbers inside, and much more. It is certainly fun to watch others play, but it is way better when you play and try to win one for yourself. These booths also stay open until late so no need to run before they close.

Now you know which activities are taking place on both the Memorial Museum and the Temple, all you need to do is pick what you like the most. Take into consideration that many people will be coming to have fun just like you so finding a place to park might take a while, especially if you come late at night. Buy clothes, shoot at yellow rubber ducks, watch a water show or get excited with the victory of the Thai people. Come and visit for one or three days, alone or with someone, arrive early and go back late. You know when and what is going on in every corner so pick your favorite starting point and go!

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