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The Green Lion Kindergarten in Bali

September 6, 2021

The Green Lion

We work very closely with the local community in Bali. With the Covid-19 outbreak, we had to suspend all the programs we conduct with our international participants. However, The Green Lion Indonesia team made sure to continue supporting the communities and projects.

The Green Lion Kindergarten

The Green Lion Kindergarten was opened with the idea of providing completely free education for children of underprivileged families. During this difficult period of time since the pandemic, we continued to conduct the classes at the kindergarten. The team ensured that the kids don’t miss their lessons due to the unstable situation on the island due to the pandemic. After successful completion of their school year, 40 kids graduated kindergarten in June 2020. This year we have 20 kids at our kindergarten who receive free education. Due to the recent lockdowns on the island of Bali, we are now conducting online classes for the kids of the kindergarten.

The Green Lion

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