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Making it my own adventure | Joyce’s Story from Tanzania

March 16, 2021

The Green Lion

Hi, my name is Joyce, I am 19 years old and I stayed in Tanzania since the beginning of February 2021. The things that I like the most here are having the chance to live with the local people, experiencing their life, their welcoming hearts, the ability to speak with them, make friends, ask questions about everything I want to know and the freedom they give me planning the things I want to do.

The first week I went for the Maasai experience to Moita, together with three other girls. It is a beautiful place, the people were welcoming, especially the kids, they were really happy to see us and they always wanted to play. Through that week we had activities to learn about the culture, and the people their daily lives. But the moments I remember the most are the moments we created ourselves, joining the people in the kitchen, watching a beautiful sunset or playing UNO with our mentors. It was an intense experience because we really lived with the people we saw the difficulties as well, but it is been really valuable for me because it makes me think about the important things of life in a different way.


In the cultural week, we had the chance to see things around Monduli, I liked walking through Arusha, going to the museum and having a walking safari.

The third week I started with the environmental project, which I have been doing since then. In the mornings I go to a garden to help the women with their daily tasks, like weeding and watering. The beautiful thing about this project is that you have the chance to help women in earning money. In the afternoon I go to a school where I join an environmental club. This club gives me the chance of working together, and exchange ideas about environmental issues with local people of my age, I really like that. Secondly, this school is a great opportunity for me, experiencing an African school, joining fun activities like watching sports or dancing with the Moringa talent group.

After all, I can say that these weeks have been great, really experiencing the local culture, the freedom of planning activities you want to do and just making it your own adventure.

The Green Lion

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