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Welcome to Tanzania | Hakuna Matata

March 22, 2021

The Green Lion

By Neema, Country Manager for Tanzania



Hey, my name is Neema Lazaro Ndooki and I am 30 years old. I am the country manager for The Green Lion in Tanzania. I am responsible for all the programs of The Green Lion Tanzania such us the Culture Week, Teaching programs Maasai immersion, Women empowerment and Environmental programs. Our help means a lot to the local community, especially to the women at the nursery and kids in Moita.


Currently, we have one participant helping us in our nature conservation project where we assist women in the tree nursery. Our work includes preparing pots for the seedling, watering the trees, and cleaning. These make us happy because while we are help preserve nature, we are supporting this group of women to send their kids to school and fulfil their basic needs and we believe supporting one person or two is like supporting the whole world.


When the trees grow the women are able to sell them and it helps them to get money to pay school fees for their kids also they can all the basic needs for their families.  At Moita village, our education programs benefit the kids where they get to learn from participants around the world. The kids also receive gifts such as stationeries and clothes which makes them very happy.


Our participants help the local community in many ways. Apart from helping the kids to learn better in school, some of them go above and beyond to make a difference. We have one participant who wants to sponsor one girl from the village whose parents passed away when she was 4 years and therefore is in need of assistance for her education. She wants to enrol the girl in a good school and help her get educated. The Green Lion participants also help the local community in Moita by purchasing products such as souvenirs and food.


Tanzania is a beautiful country with peace and beautiful people. Its natural beauty is amazing and there are stunning national parks with wild animals. We look forward to welcoming you here and together make the world a better place for these women and children while having an unforgettable and rewarding experience with us!

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The Green Lion

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