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A Fighting Chance to Survive a Pandemic

May 16, 2020

The Green Lion

As the cases of COVID19 are slowly increasing but yet steadily catching up in Madagascar, there are many challenges faced by the underprivileged communities in Nosy Be, Madagascar. Main concerns in the community are,

  • lack of awareness about the virus and its symptoms,
  • lack of awareness on taking precautions,
  • lack of finance with local people and unable to procure these masks, &
  • lack of skills to prepare the masks.

The Green Lion Madagascar team along with the manager Dino made a joint effort along with the local community in Nosy Be to give the people a fighting chance to survive the pandemic. We started with collaborating with the local tailors to stitch hygienic face masks. Then we purchased the masks from the designated and trained tailors. In the beginning, 100 reusable face masks were stitched and they were distributed for free at the schools which especially educate marginalized children.

We conducted awareness programs in the schools where the children were educated about,
a. COVID 19 virus
b. Causes and symptoms of the virus
c. Precautions to be taken to avoid infection
e. Hygienic behaviour
d. How to wear the mask and to maintain social distance and why it is important.

Through the coming weeks, the team will set foot into more such schools in Nosy Be, and also into clinics, and densely populated community areas to distribute these masks.

Our Aid for Madagascar did not stop here, the team went an extra mile to provide food relief to families struggling to survive due to the lockdown. Over 6 very poor families have been benefited thus far with our food relief project. The team aims to continue the endeavour during the coming weeks in reaching out more such families.

The Green Lion

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