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Helping Slum Communities to Fight COVID-19

June 9, 2020

The Green Lion

As the country is unlocking itself in a phased manner, as the people are slowly returning back to workplaces and trying to bring back normalcy; as the day breaks with heavy dark clouds hovering and the atmosphere set for a perfect southwest monsoon, two young people gear up pulling up their raincoats and umbrellas and step out to help fight COVID-19. The Green Lion team in Goa went forward to help slum children fight against coronavirus by distributing masks and awareness program which was participated by both the parents and their children. The coordinators were very glad that the parents and children turned up for the program which showed their interest in protecting their children and themselves and the community at large.

The team conducted an awareness program to make the families aware of the harm done by the virus around the globe. The program also gave them an in-depth understanding of the contagion and how to keep themselves safe from the virus. They were educated why it is important for everyone to do their part when the lockdown is relaxed while the cases of infection are steadily but yet rapidly rising.

Towards the end of the program, face masks and sanitizers were distributed to the families. The families were very happy to see their children having a better understanding to keep themselves and their friends safe and healthy.

Since 2008, The Green Lion has been working with the slum communities and their children in Goa. Our activities with the underprivileged community are focused on providing basic education, food and nutrition, clothing, regular medical check, and awareness programs whilst aligning the activities to the UN SDG goals.

The Green Lion

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