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Community Support Ethiopia

July 8, 2020

The Green Lion

During the month of June, as part of our community engagement and development program under inclusive income generation and nutrition improvement, The Green Lion Ethiopia distributed a pair of live indigenous chickens to a group of selected rural families living in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. This project was conducted to empower community members to manage an income-generating activity at their homes which can increase their income during these difficult times.

Our Ethiopian coordinator identified a few rural families facing extreme financial difficulties due to the present situation as beneficiaries of this project. Our idea was to support these families in a sustainable way by providing an opportunity for additional income generation. In the first phase of the project, a pair of live and well-grown one-year-old chickens were distributed to the families to initiate a poultry business.

Further, through the coming months, we would be monitoring how this benefits the families while providing consultation and advice necessary to manage a poultry business at the domestic level.

The Green Lion

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